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Southern Cross Hemp Oil provides easy to order, fully compliant, high quality organic hemp products. Shipped reliably, direct to Japan and throughout the world.

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Your Organic Full Plant Oil Supplier

Southern Cross Hemp Oil is an international supplier of superior quality, natural Full Plant Hemp Oil (also known as CBD Oil). Our biodynamic organic hemp farms are located in New South Wales, Australia – and consistently serve global demand for high-quality, legally compliant Full Plant Hemp Oil.

Specialising in Japanese export markets, our English and Japanese bilingual staff have over seven years of experience working alongside international companies of all sizes.
We’ve mastered the efficiency of our sustainable hemp farming, manufacturing, and delivery protocols to ensure you always receive the highest quality organic Full Plant Hemp Oil, on time, every time.

"Full Plant Oil" Commercial Products

Ordering full-plant hemp oil is easy. Contact us to place your order and choose from our distillate or isolate oils, available in both small and bulk quantities.

Isolate (98% pure)

SCHO’s Isolate is the purest form of CBD that does not contain any other compounds found in the hemp plant. Isolate CBD is a white, powdery solid that is 99+% CBD.

Distillate (65% pure)

SCO’s Distillate is our highly refined extract that has undergone the SCHO Distillation Process, which purifies the liquid through evaporation and condensation.

Water Soluble Isolates

SCHO’s Water Soluble CBD Isolates can be dissolved in water and other liquids, meaning increased absorption into the body. This can be dispersed in nearly any liquid food or beverage

Consumer Products

Southern Cross Hemp Oil also provides consumer products made from our high-quality hemp. Contact us to place orders in small or large quantities.

Hemp & Manuka

Manuka honey has proven effective in treating infected wounds, burns, eczema and other skin problems. Other research has shown it can curb plaque and gingivitis, ease sinus infections and ulcers, and may inhibit the growth of certain cancer cells.

Hemp Arista Coffee

SCHO’s Hemp Arista is truly great coffee. High quality and ethically sourced, Hemp Arista is a specialty coffee blend for coffee enthusiasts. Arista coffee, enhanced with SCHO’s signature Hemp blend will rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.

Kakadu & Davidson Plum

Kakadu Plum has Vitamin C along with gallic acid and ellagic acid. These fight free radicals, hydrate the skin and prevent damage. Davidson Plum’s skin benefits include reducing signs of ageing such as wrinkles, and addressing other skin problems and blemishes.

Exceptional Quality CBD Oil

The beneficial qualities of organic Full Plant Hemp Oil have been celebrated for more than 12,000 years and are exceedingly popular amongst today’s health-conscious consumers. However, buying CBD oil from certain countries poses a serious risk of contamination and poor-quality products grown using chemical fertilisers.

At Southern Cross Hemp Oil, our sustainable, closed-loop farms provide peace of mind knowing you are buying biodynamic, organic full plant hemp oil that is of the highest quality available.

When using our organic Full Plant Hemp Oil within your products, you can market your use of the highest quality ingredients to health and eco-conscious consumers.

Reliable International Delivery

Southern Cross Hemp Oil has professionally operated in the hemp industry for more than seven years, confidently weathering any supply chain challenges and remaining compliant with all legal regulations.
When partnering with us, you can rest assured knowing you have a long-term supply partner experienced in navigating the often-complex export restrictions governing CBD Oil.
We offer express delivery with COAs, via express cargo or air freight as required. Our reliable process typically allows you to receive your Full Plant Hemp Oil within a week or less.

The Southern Cross Hemp Oil Vision

We believe in the transformational power of CBD Oil to revolutionise consumer products across the world.
The industrial extraction of hemp oil benefits many sectors and provides a reliable source of income for Australian farmers, who pride themselves on growing quality crops.
But progress shouldn’t cost the Earth. That’s is why donate 3% of profits to land restoration charities, including Jasper Hall Land Rejuvenation.
In fact, our entire business model is rooted in environmental conservation as hemp is one of the fastest carbon sequestration methods available – more effective than forests!
Industrial hemp operations directly contribute to absorbing CO2 emissions and combatting the disastrous effects of climate change.
Our founder, Langdon Brown, has directly experienced the health benefits of hemp and cannabis and wants to ensure that a reliable, natural, and regulated supply is made available to others throughout the world.
Having lived in Japan for 17 years, Langdon is aware of both CBD Oil’s cult-like status and the difficulties businesses face in securing reliable and quality supplies.
Southern Cross Hemp Oil was created to provide Japanese and other international markets with the safest, natural CBD oil available to buy.

Biodynamic Organic Farming

We work alongside Australian hemp farmers practicing cutting-edge regenerative farming practices that enhance the health of the soil and crops.

Unlike many other international producers who rely on chemical fertilisers … Our biodynamic organic farms are a sustainable, closed-loop system.

Biodynamic farming is the holistic process of replenishing soil microorganisms to establish robust ecosystems and nutrient rich produce. Organic matter is converted to stable humus through on-site composting that effectively supplies plant nutrition.
All of our farms establish crop health and fertility through restorative practices, including composting, crop rotation, and other agricultural methods.

What Our Customers Say ...

“I have been purchasing products from Southern Cross Hemp Oil for over 6 years now and I can honestly say that their help and advice has been most valuable.

And along with their products being the best quality available on the market. I highly recommend SCHO’s products along with the service they consistently provide”

Guy Engelhardt

“Southern Cross Hemp Oil provides a very kind and reliable service which I have used for many years. Their CEO, Langdon, is a polite gentleman and has a high customer service ethic.

SCHO’s products are of very high quality. Thank you Langdon I wish your company many successful decades to come!”

Dr. N. Ghandour

“I was first I introduced to Langdon in 2012 and over the past 9 years, I have called on Southern Cross Hemp Oil many times to assist with products and advice. I have always found SCHO to be reliable, produce top quality products and they are always willing to help.”

Sue Jolley

“I have been using Southern Cross Hemp Oil’s products for quite a number of years to manage anxiety, chronic pain and fibromyalgia symptoms. Their products are of the highest quality and I would be lost without them.

SCHO’s staff are very compassionate, informative and professional. I refer many people to SCHO as I know they will get the same care and respect I always have.”

Melanie Moore

“I have been working with Southern Cross Hemp Oil for nearly two years. They have supported me to find the right pathway for my health through their products.

Their staff are extremely responsive with my orders, and take a great deal of care in their delivery. I find the products are extremely good and very helpful”

Helen McLean

“As the parent of a seriously ill son, the ability to ease his symptoms is invaluable for us, and this has been made possible by the high quality and purity of the products provided by Southern Cross Hemp Oil.

In addition, the experience of ordering and receiving our product has always been completely smooth, with the delivery arriving in a timely manner and in perfect condition. I can highly recommend Southern Cross Hemp Oil as an extremely professional and reliable company providing high quality products.”

Trish Haywood

“I have been lucky in finding Southern Cross Hemp Oil when I needed his help for a cancer relative needing cannabis oil. Initially I did not have the experience in what oil and quantities needed or whether the company was going to deliver.

But I can happily say Langdon advised me and sent my order and delivery was quick.

Southern Cross Hemp Oil’s products are without a doubt superior quality and what you pay for is what you get ….no hiccups or drama. This mutual relationship has been built on trust and honesty withstanding many years and many more orders for others.

I will always go back to Southern Cross Hemp Oil and recommend their products”

Lauma Bristow

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